7 Keys to Effective Online Marketing

Effective Marketing Activities

Why are we online with our products and services? To get noticed of course! Irrespective of which channel you deliver your message through, an effective marketing message contains seven critical components: a compelling headline, product/service benefit, sense of urgency, call to action, image, link, and, at least, one hashtag. It’s not mandatory to implement all of these components in every message, but having a compelling headline, benefit and call to action are fundamental.

Seven Online Marketing Must

  1. A compelling headline should get individuals to notice your message. Your headline MUST get people to stop to pay attention to you. You can use keywords, ALL CAPS, bold, italics, and other stylistic elements tastefully.
  2. A benefit conveys the value proposition of the promoted product or service, for example, “Our email marketing service will help you to convert more visitors into customers.”
  3. A sense of urgency sparks purchasing behavior by prompting the consumer to act on a limited offer e.g. “Today ONLY, save 50%” or “$9 for the first 100 buyers”.
  4. A call to action tells the consumer what to do next, for instance, “enroll today,” “buy now” or “click here to purchase.”
  5. A link directs the consumer on where to go to fulfill the call-to-action request.
  6. Images are powerful, and they help to evoke emotion. An image adds dimension to a message as opposed to text alone. Use a photo that is colorful, unique, and attention-getting. Alternatively, attach a short video that is punchy and engaging.
  7. A social media hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hashtag or pound sign (#), and it’s used to identify messages on a particular topic. By weaving them in, words can be found by non-followers who seek more info on that particular subject. People who search for a hashtag may stumble upon a post, tweet, or message that contains that hashtag as opposed to one without. There are rules and ways to optimize hashtags on different platforms, and it will benefit you to understand them. It’s just a matter of searching for relevant guidelines for your preferred platform e.g. Facebook. Hashtags.org is a great website to review hashtag analytics and learn about the most popular hashtags.

As you can see with this Google+ post example, I implemented some of the items discussed and received the desired results.



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