9 Activities for a Successful Product Launch

Product Launch

The future sales of any product depend on a well-executed launch. Product launches can be responsible for not only short-term successes but long-term successes as well, just compare Apple’s market blazing iPhone to Amazon’s defunct Fire phone. The launch event for the Fire phone was lackluster compared to those highly anticipated events organized by Apple for its iPhone.

You and I may not have the launch and marketing budgets as those two Fortune 500 companies, but we don’t need large budgets to introduce new products effectively. Anytime I’m about to launch a new digital product i.e. an online course or ebook; I default to a set of marketing activities to spur attention, interest, desire, and action (AIDA) from the start.

Tell Existing Customers

Your existing customers are paying customers, and they should learn about your new products before anyone else. When I publish a new course, I blast an email to students in my paid courses to inform them of my latest offering.

Email Subscribers

AWeberAfter I release a new product, I email my subscribers with the details and provide free access or a discounted priced. Furthermore, I encourage my subscribers to share and forward the news to their networks.

Blitz Social Media Networks

I’ll plan a few posts, three to five, then post away on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Hootsuite, a social media management tool, makes it easy to input a message then share it across multiple profiles, which saves a lot of time. My promotional posts will include these seven keys to increase the chances of getting noticed. Additionally, I’ll automate and schedule hundreds of promotional posts through HootSuite’s bulk scheduling tool so that they run 24/7.

Organize Live Events

Online event marketing through interviews, hangouts, and panel discussions is all the rage at the moment, and platforms such as Blab, Periscope, and Meerkat are fueling this exciting trend. Depending on the product, I’ll organize an hour-long live event on Blab, record it then post it on my website and YouTube channel. Recorded events are great because you can easily repurpose the content and distribute it in multiple places.

Promote in Online Groups

As the manager of a couple of Facebook groups, I control what gets noticed. The pinned post area within a community is precious real estate, and I’ll use it to attract attention to my newest product. For example, I’ll post and pin my latest ebook to the top for everyone to see over and over again. If you don’t own a Facebook group, you should consider creating one. Without ownership, you may not get the traction you want since posts are continuously bumped down.

Blog About It

A no-brainer activity, I’ll announce a new release right here on my site and use the post in promotional activities.

Get Reviews ASAP

ReviewsSocial proofing is all about showcasing that others have already bought into what you’re selling by way of positive reviews and testimonials. Immediately after launch, I’ll quickly secure ten or more reviews from people in my network who I know will support me. Those testimonials, plus any organic reviews, help to project purchase worthiness and value. On the flip side, a product with no reviews, few reviews, or negative reviews won’t have a good chance of gaining sales momentum, so review management is critical during the product launch period.

Offer a WSO

Depending on the product, you may want to promote it through Warrior Forum as a WSO (Warrior Special Offer). Warrior Forum is a very popular internet marketing and digital products website. When you submit a WSO, you’ll also have any opportunity to attract affiliate marketers who will promote your product if your product and commission rate are desirable enough. Here’s an example of a WSO for my Udemy Launch course.

Create a Promotional Video

Video is hot and a promotional video is great for promoting your product when you’re not around. It can be placed on your website and YouTube for extra views. Promotional videos should be brief (under two minutes) and to the point.

Other Resources

As an authority on launching products and services, you may want to check out Jeff Walker’s book Launch. Also, you can visit the top Kickstarter campaigns to see what you can glean from others, for example, many top campaigners showcase fantastic trailer/teaser videos.


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