Online Business Consulting

As you know, I offer this website, books, video tutorials, and a Facebook group to help you and others succeed professionally and personally. However, you may prefer to consult with an online entrepreneur such as myself to achieve your goals and earnings a lot quicker. Going on six years plus, I remain successfully self-employed and debt-free by making intelligent business decisions.


My consulting service isn’t about me; it’s 100% about you. I’m not going to outline any details except to say that my time will be your time. The structure will be whatever you want it to be consisting of a dialogue regarding items that you want to discuss and learn more about. For instance, if you wish to discuss affiliate marketing, you would send me topics and questions to discuss during our call via Skype, Facebook, Hangouts, etc.


  • Online Business
  • Internet Marketing
  • Robo and Do-It-Yourself Investing
  • Self-Publishing Books and Courses
  • WordPress










$83 per hr / 17% off





$60 per hr / 40% off

To get started, please send me a message at info[at]chadtennant[dot]com with the plan and topic(s) that you would like to discuss.


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Need to get in touch? Contact: info[at]chadtennant[dot]com