Warrior Special Offer: A Marketing and Sales Experiment

Warrior Special Offer

A discussion about marketing ideas and channels usually attracts traditional pathways such as social media, SEO, and search engine marketing among others. I use these conventional methods, but I wanted to try something different and decided to explore Warrior Forum to promote my online courses at Udemy.

Warrior Forum is the world’s largest internet marketing community and marketplace. They provide forums on SEO, ad networks, pay per click (PPC), email marketing, growth hacking, and many others as listed on their homepage. Their Alexa rank is within the top 2,500 sites visited globally which suggest they receive a lot of traffic. I was interested in Warrior Forum because of their robust online presence and exposure to a new audience.

Warrior Special Offer

Warrior Special Offers (WSOs) are where members offer exclusive deals not found anywhere else. Most of the offers relate to making money online, digital products, coaching, and internet marketing software. While I haven’t participated in their forums, WSOs caught my attention. You can visit my WSO here.

Common Warrior Special Offers

  • Coaching
  • Digital products
  • How to products
  • Internet marketing software
  • Online money systems
  • Reports

How to Create a WSO

Creating a WSO is very easy and no different than listing a product on eBay or Amazon for example. As you can see the fields are self-explanatory.

Warrior Special Offer Form

My WSO Approach


I reviewed several WSOs and felt that some didn’t say enough while others suffered from description diarrhea. My goal was to strike a balance so that my product page and value proposition were distinct, yet informative enough to whet consumer appetites. In general, I prefer to cut to the chase with my product descriptions because of the competition and short attention spans. As a result, I kept my description to less than 500 words.


Evergreen content is content that will remain relevant for years, for example, nine cocktails that are easy to make or five ways to declutter your office. Conversely, an article about the top five Twitter scheduling tools may become obsolete in months because of how dynamic the social media landscape is. My product, title, and description are based on the evergreen concept as to offer something that would be relevant for months.


The bulk of my Udemy sales occur between $10 to $19, so I priced my WSO slightly below the floor at $8.99. As I keep saying, sufficient passive income is primarily a function of volume, not price, so at $8.99 my goal is to attract a lot of sales. Also, I tend to think that $10+/- is the “I don’t care if I lose money” price point in that buyers are willing to shell out $10 without being subject to buyer’s remorse.


I used a keyword driven title by including words such as “easy,” “income,” “online,” and “money.” Using keywords seems to be the approach of choice to attract eyeballs.

Description and Copywriting

As you can see in my description, I used a combination of font sizes, colors, and a few images. While I didn’t feature a video, I did provide a headshot to showcase a real person behind the offer. Warrior Forum’s description user interface is a bit antiquated which is why many other members prepare their copy offsite then paste when ready.

Reviewing other WSOs revealed some very creative submissions such as these e.g. WSO A and WSO B. Creative and design are important, but your sales will be greatly influenced by your value position and price. I stuck to the AIDA formula (attention, interest, desire, and action) for my copy.


Listing reviews and testimonials are a social proofing tactic to elicit purchases based on the idea that others have already bought and benefited. Some WSOs include reviews that seem somewhat shady or untrue, so your goal is to feature reviews that are or appear legit.

Affiliate Links

What’s a description without affiliate links? A lost opportunity. I placed three affiliate links in my description relating to Udemy and my courses. If folks don’t buy my WSO, there’s still a chance I’ll generate some affiliate commissions.

Results TBA

As of this writing, I’ve attracted 2,900 views. The plan I set in motion was to bump my WSO to the first page once a month ($19.99) and assess my return on investment at 15,000 views. I chose 15,000 views as a benchmark based on other WSOs that appeared to receive high engagement via Q&A once they surpassed this number. To be fair to yourself, I recommend that you select a views target based on similar products/services to yours. I will be updating this post in the future with my results, but it’s important to note that I’ve already made a few sales.

Udemy WSO


Update: I’ve stopped developing courses on Udemy. However, Warrior Forum is still a viable platform for marketing and sales purposes and one that I will be using for future endeavors.


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