Thanks for visiting my about page. My aim is to help you:

  • Build a sustainable and profitable online business using savvy marketing techniques and fantastic business tools
  • Create a fantastic lifestyle that gives you freedom, excitement, choice, travel, and fulfillment
  • Manage your finances more effectively to increase your net worth and income
  • Launch digital products successfully to achieve desired results
  • Develop amazing WordPress websites that attract traffic, subscribers, conversions, and sales

Chad is a marketer, author, and advisor. His primary goals are to help people achieve financial success and experience more freedom. On his blog and YouTube channel, he covers marketing, WordPress, self-publishing, passive income, and personal finance. He’s written several books, which are available on Amazon.

Lifestyle DesignChad quit his nine to five job years ago and has been self-employed since. He works on his laptop while traveling and living abroad. Since 2013, he’s lived in multiple Latin American countries including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Panama. In total, he’s visited twenty countries and lived in seven.

Chad holds a commerce degree, and he has completed courses in entrepreneurship and marketing from Stanford and The Wharton School. Also, he has completed professional studies in wealth management (Moody’s Analytics), project management (Project Management Institute), and search engine optimization (UC Davis).

Skills & Experience

  • Affiliate marketing and lead generation
  • Content creation, writing, and self-publishing
  • Email marketing strategy and execution
  • Facebook monetization and community management
  • Search engine and YouTube (SEO)
  • Social media management, marketing, and automation
  • Wealth management and project management
  • WordPress website development and management
  • YouTube channel development and video production

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