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I enjoy trying to new products and services, and I’ve experimented with many over the years. My curiosity, open-mindedness, and willingness have led me to the fantastic tools I use today.

These tools and sites help me grow my business, build relationships, and increase my productivity. I hope they will do the same for you.

Bloom, the best WordPress list building plugin
  • Easily create and customize high-converting opt-in forms
  • Choose from six types of forms and 100+ templates
  • Choose different styles, borders, and edges for uniqueness
  • Use page, post, and category-level targeting to increase signups
  • Use activation triggers and A/B testing to optimize delivery

Thrive Themes, the ultimate suite of WordPress plugins
  • Select from 10 types of highly-customizable opt-in forms
  • Create landing pages for sales, webinars, and list building funnels
  • Show different content in your widget areas based on advanced targeting rules
  • Improve your content marketing by testing different headlines against each other
  • Use a first-class visual editor and page builder to create unique pages and posts

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TubeBuddy, the #1 YouTube channel building tool
  • Improve your video SEO strategy and YouTube search rankings
  • Test titles, thumbnails, and descriptions to find what works best
  • Translate video title, description, and tags into other languages to increase global viewership
  • Get analytics on any channel to increase your competitive edge
  • Bulk update and edit numerous channel elements to save time

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Fiverr, the largest freelance services marketplace
  • Hire freelancers to free up time for revenue-generating activities
  • Increase your productivity and results by outsourcing
  • Build a virtual team to propel your company forward
  • Cut costs by hiring professionals in international markets
  • Sell on Fiverr to earn extra money and grow your business

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High-Performance Tools

Leadpages, a top-rated landing page/lead generation software app

Shopify, the best platform to create and manage an online store

MailerLite, a top-rated email marketing software service (free up to 1,000 subs)

OneSignal, a free, cross-platform web push notification software service

Grammarly, the best grammar app for clear, mistake-free writing


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