Consulting Process

I have various specialties and skills in which I can advise and discuss. To start, I’ve outlined the steps below to help you as best I can.

  1. Select a topic that you want us to discuss, for example, affiliate program growth strategies. You can also provide up to ten questions that you want me to address. I’ll confirm if I can meet your needs.
  2. If we agree to proceed, I’ll send you a link to schedule a meeting. You must pay me before our session, and I accept payments via TransferWise and PayPal. I’ll provide an invoice upon request.
  3. Before our meeting, I’ll prepare a PowerPoint presentation with high-level and relevant discussion points.
  4. For our meeting, we’ll use For in-person meetings, you must provide the presentation equipment, for example, a projector.
  5. After our meeting, I’ll send you a video recording of it (online sessions only), the PowerPoint presentation, and follow-up answers/feedback to outstanding items.

Consulting Fees (USD)

Video Recording, PowerPoint Presentation, & Templates

  • Plan A: $150 – One meeting up to 60 minutes
  • Plan B: $280 – One or two sessions up to a total of two hours
  • Plan C: $350 – Daily rate for time/work exceeding the above options (approx. seven hours of work)

Video Recording Only (No PowerPoint Presentation or Templates)

  • Plan D: $50 – One meeting of up to 30 minutes
  • Plan E: $90 – One meeting of up to 60 minutes