MailerLite Vs. AWeber: I Should Have Switched Sooner

About a year and a half ago, I switched from MailChimp and MailPoet to AWeber. I did so after considering various players in the market such as Convertkit, Active Campaign, GetResponse, and so on. However, one provider wasn’t examined at the time, MailerLite, who I now use after leaving AWeber. Why the change?

I value my email marketing activities, but I don’t value email marketing providers as much because there are very few differences between them. They attempt to persuade us with features and benefits that are similar from one provider to the next. For example, the ability to automate a sequence of emails. However, email automation, drip sequencing, and auto-responders are standard features. There isn’t enough innovation in email marketing for one provider to dramatically separate themselves from their competitors—given that they focus on email marketing and nothing else. For instance, Salesforce incorporates email marketing into a much larger customer management relationship (CRM) suite. On the other hand, AWeber, MailChimp, and others are primarily email marketing providers and not much else. Email marketing companies also try to differentiate themselves on price and user interface.


AWeber offers a very clunky, confusing, and dated user interface and dashboard. Their software resembles creations from the late 1990s which is not a coincidence since they began operations in 1998. Instead of reinventing their platform, they take a piecemeal update approach not to fluster anyone of their 100,000 plus complacent users. AWeber is only around because of first-mover advantages they gained more than a decade ago, not because they are with the times (or with it) or offer superior software.

AWeber is priced competitively, but they don’t offer a free plan like MailerLite or MailChimp. Free plans are fantastic for individuals who want to experiment with email marketing and save money.

AWeber UI


I stumbled upon MailerLite a few months ago but didn’t think much of them because of the term “Lite” in their company name. I don’t know what “lite” or “light” implies in Europe—MailerLite is based in Lithuania—but as a North American, the term suggests less than, incomplete, or beta. For example, a Molson Light beer compared with a regular Molson. Nevertheless, as my interest in AWeber decreased, I explored MailerLite.

Unlike AWeber, the folks at MailerLite are driven to attract new customers. They have comparison pages regarding themselves and their main competitors such as ConstantContact, CampaignMonitor, ConvertKit, GetResponse, and others.

MailerLite destroys AWeber on price by up to 50% less. For example, MailerLite charges $35 a month to AWeber’s $69 for up to ten thousand subscribers, and they offer a free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers. Furthermore, they outdueled AWeber on several features and best of all, their user interface embraces current design principles, minimalism, and simplicity.

MailerLite UI

  • Email Automation

One feature that stands out is how MailerLite users create auto response sequences. MailerLite offers a visual workflow to AWeber’s nonvisual text summaries. The visual separation of activities makes it easier for me to execute my goals.

MailerLite Automation

  • Email Editor

MailerLite’s email editor is more practical and less cumbersome than AWeber’s.

MailerLite Email Editor

Opt-In Plugin Integration

Thrive Themes is a suite of premium WordPress plugins that I’ve been using since November 31, 2015. As a vital instrument in my online business, I wasn’t going to move forward with MailerLite until a knew the services connected with each other. Thrive Themes and MailerLite integrate perfectly fine, and subscribers have been flowing into my MailerLite account.

What About Your Existing Subscribers?

I emailed MailerLite about my existing subscribers, and there were no issues with bringing them over. The process was easy, painless, and efficient.

Final Word

I take adopting new products and services very seriously because they impact my goals, operational capabilities, and profits. I’m glad I took a second look at MailerLite because there’s nothing light about them (except their pricing). If you’re looking for an awesome, user-friendly, back-to-basics email marketing provider, then you should try them. Also, you should compare MailerLite to your current provider to understand which is better.

Monthly Plans MailerLiteAweber MailChimp
Up to 1,000 subscribersFree$29Free
Up to 5,000 subscribers$20$49$50
Up to 10,000 subscribers$35$69$75
Up to 25,000 subscribers$80$149$150
Up to 50,000 subscribers$140Quote$240


Monthly Plans MailerLiteGetResponseCampaign Monitor
Up to 1,000 subscribersFree$15$9
Up to 5,000 subscribers$20$45$49
Up to 10,000 subscribers$35$65$89
Up to 25,000 subscribers$80$145$199
Up to 50,000 subscribers$140$250$299

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