New Book: Wealthier in 100 Days

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Financial Habits and Strategies to Help You Build More Wealth Quicker

Here are some sobering thoughts; Americans–and citizens from other developed countries–must stay employed longer to afford their lifestyles. People are facing increasing levels of debt and the good old days of retiring between ages sixty to sixty-five are vanishing. However, you can plan and manage your finances more successfully to realize your financial goals. You just need to know what steps to take.

Wealthier in 100 Days addresses habits, strategies, and insights regarding personal finance. You’ll learn about financial planning, budgeting, spending, investing, real estate, and more. Then, you can implement whichever ideas you like to increase your wealth prospects.

  • Build a wealthier and smarter new you by changing your habits and mindset
  • Embrace your financial self, commit to your finances, and put more money in your wallet
  • Take stock of where you are, plan, and track key financial data to make progress
  • Develop and strengthen relationships with family, advisors, and valuable people in your network
  • Become a smarter shopper, plot your purchases, and take advantage of strategic buying insights
  • Manage your investment and tax preparation activities more wisely to achieve better outcomes
  • Understand the real estate buying decision, opportunities, and where to claim free land
  • Increase your annual income by using three proven methods

Financial prosperity may have escaped you until now, but this jargon-free, current, and straightforward read will increase the flow of money in your life. Improve your finances and options starting today!

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