40 Per Pay Lead Affiliate Programs: Get Leads and Earn

The standard way to make money as an affiliate marketer is through sales commissions. For instance, I promote various WordPress plugins on my site. A click on one of my affiliate links followed by a sale will result in a commission for me. Successful affiliate marketers who earn four, five, and six-figures monthly rely on commissions. However, money can be made elsewhere and with more ease through pay per lead (PPL) affiliate programs. A pay per lead program is also known as cost-per-acquisition or action (CPA) and pay per action (PPA).

A pay per lead or CPA program compensates an affiliate for getting prospects. Pay per lead programs commonly requires a lead to:

  • DownloadSubmit an email address
  • Create an account
  • Register for a webinar or event
  • Sign up for a free trial
  • Download or install software
  • Complete a quote, for example, life insurance

Pay per lead is attractive because the bar is set low. Getting a person to sign up for something is more feasible than getting someone to make a purchase. Many programs have a second payout tier for leads that become customers, which is advantageous. PPL programs are helpful during slow periods and commission droughts (droughts happen to the best of us). On the other hand, because the trigger event is less demanding than a sale, pay per lead programs typically pay low amounts, for example, $0.01 per lead. Also, focusing exclusively on PPL programs will not lead to making thousands monthly.

Let’s explore several of the highest converting pay per lead affiliate programs in the market. You’ll find these programs listed on the top affiliate networks, for example, FlexOffers, ShareASale, and CJ. ShareASale lists more than 300 PPL programs. I omitted PPL programs for personal finance, investing, trading, debt, insurance, and travel, but many merchants in these categories offer high payouts for leads. Merchants typically list their affiliate programs in menus found at the top or bottom of pages.

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

E-Learning (Online Courses)

  • CreativeLive – $1

CreativeLive offers creative-centric courses, which are broadcast live to a global audience. They target multiple subjects or “channels” including photography, video, art, design, life, music, and money. Learn about the CreativeLive affiliate program on ShareASale.

  • MasterClass – $0.01

MasterClass offers classes with the world’s best experts and practitioners, for example, Samuel L. Jackson, Gordon Ramsey, Herbie Hancock, Christina Aguilera, Serena Williams, James Patterson, Steph Curry, and others. The MasterClass affiliate program is on ShareASale.

  • Pluralsight – $5

Pluralsight offers extensive online developer, creative, and IT courses that are taught by industry experts. They offer 4,000+ courses to businesses and individuals. Learn about the Pluralsight affiliate program.

  • SimpliLearn – $25

SimpliLearn is a leading certification provider. They provide online training in disciplines such as cybersecurity, cloud computing, project management, and data science. Learn about the SimpliLearn affiliate program on CJ.

Email Marketing

  • Constant Contact – $5

Constant Contact enables individuals and business owners to create and share professional-looking emails in minutes. Learn about the Constant Contact affiliate program.

  • iContact – $2

The iContact email marketing platform helps companies of all sizes. They have plans to meet every email and marketing automation need. Learn about the iContact affiliate program on CJ.

  • SendinBlue – $5

SendinBlue empowers businesses to build and grow relationships through digital marketing channels including email campaigns, transactional emails, and SMS messages. Learn about the SendinBlue affiliate program.

Website Hosting

  • Cloudways – $0.01

Cloudways is a cloud platform that offers an effortless way to deploy, monitor, and manage high-performance applications on top of leading cloud infrastructure providers. Learn about the Cloudways affiliate program.

  • GoDaddy – $2

GoDaddy is a top domain name registrar and powers the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures. GoDaddy supports millions of customers globally and has 73 million domain names under management. Learn about the GoDaddy affiliate program on CJ.

  • WP Engine – $0.01

WP Engine provides managed WordPress hosting for sites around the world. They provide counsel and support to help brands create world-class digital experiences. Learn about the WP Engine affiliate program on ShareASale.

Hand-clickSoftware and Services

  • 3dcart – $2

3dcart helps business owners create, operate, and maintain successful online stores with relative ease and efficiency. 3dcart offers 200+ features and 100+ supported payments. Learn about the 3dcart affiliate program on ShareASale.

  • Appointy – $0.01

Appointy‘s online scheduling software has everything you need to grow and manage your business in one easy to use and powerful user interface. Learn about the Appointy affiliate program on ShareASale.

  • BigCommerce – $1.50

BigCommerce is a leading cloud e-commerce platform for established and rapidly-growing businesses. They enable companies to grow online sales with less cost, time, and complexity than on-premise software. Learn about the BigCommerce affiliate program.

  • Bonsai – $3

Bonsai is an online freelancing platform that helps companies and independent talent work better together. It offers contracts written by attorneys, smart invoices, and integrated payment solutions. Learn about the Bonsai affiliate program on ShareASale.

  • Code42 – $60

Code42 is an enterprise and small business (CrashPlan) SaaS solution that secures all distributed end-user data on state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure. Learn about the Code42 affiliate program on CJ.

  • Due – $1

Due provides payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. Products include invoicing, payments, time tracking, and more. Learn about the Due affiliate program on ShareASale.

  • Fetch – $20

Fetch is the easiest, most convenient way for employee expense reporting and to pay employees back for out-of-pocket expenses. Learn about the Fetch affiliate program on CJ.

  • FreshBooks – $5

FreshBooks provides small business accounting software. Users can send invoices, track time, manage receipts, file expenses, and accept credit cards. Learn about the FreshBooks affiliate program.

  • Ginger – $0.50

Ginger makes sure everything you write is mistake-free on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Ginger corrects all types of grammatical mistakes including punctuation, sentence structure, and style. Learn about the Ginger affiliate program on ShareASale.

  • Grammarly – $0.20

Grammarly offers grammar, punctuation, and spell-checking software to help students, writers, and professionals. Their software checks more than 250 grammar rules. Learn about the Grammarly affiliate program on ShareASale.

  • Gusto – $25

Gusto provides cloud-based payroll, benefits, and human resource management solutions for businesses based in the United States. Gusto handles payments and the paperwork necessary to help companies comply with tax, labor, and immigration laws. Learn about the Gusto affiliate program on ShareASale.

  • Patriot Software – $20

Patriot Software makes accounting and payroll software for small businesses. Track your money and pay your employees with ease. Learn about the Patriot Software affiliate program on ShareASale.

  • Paychex – $25

Paychex offers a variety of payroll and human resource products and services for businesses of all sizes. Learn about the Paychex affiliate program on CJ.

  • PayPal (Canada) – $10

PayPal is a fast and safe way to send money, make online payments, and receive money as an individual or business. Learn more about the PayPal affiliate program on CJ.

  • QuickBooks – $5

QuickBooks makes account software for individuals and businesses. Stay organized, get paid, and save time. Learn more about the QuickBooks affiliate program on CJ.

  • RingCentral – $15 or $25

RingCentral is a global provider of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions. They empower today’s mobile and remote workforces. Learn about the RingCentral affiliate program on CJ.

  • Salesmate – $0.25

Salesmate has everything you need to organize your sales process, build life-long customer relationships, and win more deals in one powerful sales CRM application. Learn about the Salesmate affiliate program on ShareASale.

  • Streak – $0.25

Streak is CRM software built for Gmail. Whether you want to close more deals, manage partnerships, or track support issues, Streak helps you focus on what matters most. Learn about the Streak affiliate program on PartnerStack.

  • Tailwind – $0.50

Tailwind is a social media management app for Instagram and Pinterest. Discover content, schedule posts, monitor conversations, and analyze results. Learn about the Tailwind affiliate program on ShareASale.

  • Thinkific – $0.01

Thinkific is an all-in-one platform that empowers experts, instructors, trainers, and companies to create and deliver stunning courses on their own sites. Learn about the Thinkific affiliate program on ShareASale.

  • Couchsurfing – $0.01

Couchsurfing is a global community of 14 million members in more than 200,000 cities who share their life, their world, their journey. Learn about the Couchsurfing affiliate program on CJ.

  • Cronometer – $0.10

Cronometer enables you to track your fitness, nutrition, and health data to live a better life. Learn about the Cronometer affiliate program on ShareASale.

  • Coupons.com – $0.10

Coupons.com provides deal-seeking consumers with the best printable coupons from top companies and brands. Learn about the Coupons affiliate program on CJ.

  • E-file – $1.40

E-file offers consumer tax preparation and e-filing services at half the cost to consumers compared to big-name tax companies. Learn about the E-file affiliate program on CJ.

  • Julep – $7

Julep sells nail, makeup, skincare, and body product and subscription boxes. Learn about the Julep affiliate program on ShareASale.

  • Paribus – $1.60

Paribus offers price adjustments, protection, and monitoring for customers. The app automatically gets shoppers the adjustment amount they are owed should an item they purchase decrease in price. Learn about the Paribus affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Regus – 3%

Regus provides serviced offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms, mail handling, call answering, business addresses, and video conferencing to clients on a contract basis. It operates in 106 countries making it the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace. Learn about the Regus affiliate program on CJ.

  • Swagbucks – $2.20

Swagbucks is a leading online rewards platform that gives its millions of members gift cards for everyday activities and purchases online. Shop, watch, and search to earn. Learn about the Swagbucks affiliate program on CJ.

  • Warby Parker – $0.50

Warby Parker is an online retailer of prescription glasses and sunglasses. Customers can try on glasses for free at home before buying. Learn about the Warby Parker affiliate program on ShareASale.

  • WeWork – $75

WeWork provides shared workspaces, co-working communities, and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, small businesses, and large enterprises. WeWork has an affiliate program on CJ and a referral program on their site.

Do you know of other pay per lead affiliate programs from well-known or reputable companies? Contact me on LinkedIn with your suggestion.


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