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Self-made billionaires and well-off individuals seldom become wealthy for the reasons we think. It is a combination of factors that propel them to extraordinary fortunes. For example, factors such as country of residence, social class at birth, gender, race, career aspirations, and so on.

Wallet Full of Money is about self-made affluent individuals, particularly billionaires, in America and abroad. This is not another how to or habits book, but a revealing study of the world’s richest people and the seven universal qualities that impacted their lives. More than eight-hundred articles from leading publications and global institutions including BloombergFortuneThe Wall Street Journal, World Bank, and World Economic Forum were examined to arrive at profound conclusions.

In Wallet Full of Money, you’ll discover which factors are instrumental to wealth creation, beyond what is commonly known. You’ll read about people who’ve made it, and how they achieved their goals. Finally, you’ll be able to apply these concepts to attract more career, financial, and lifestyle success.

From Jeff Bezos to Oprah Winfrey and from your rich neighbor to your successful boss, you too can achieve great things once you understand what is involved. It’s time to get honest about how fortunes are made.

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